About Us

Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida is the largest Commercial Construction Association in the state. Representing more than 2,500 General and Specialty Contractor, Associate and Supplier members, we take our role as “The Voice of Commercial Construction” very seriously.  We dedicate our legislative and political efforts to supporting and advancing the free enterprise and merit shop philosophies of which we ascribe to.  We will defend the notion that taxpayers and the industry are best served when construction takes place in an open and competitive market and where projects
are awarded based solely on the merit of a company.    

ABC of Florida is governed by a Board of Directors made up of representatives from our five ABC chapters - Central Florida, East Coast, First Coast, Gulf Coast and North Florida.

ABC of Florida employs a full-time lobbying team to fight for the interests of the association and the industry at-large during the legislative session.  Additionally, there is an annual Day at the Capitol where members from throughout the state, descend upon Tallahassee in their hardhats to discuss the real-life impacts of government regulations on construction – one of the top five economic drivers of Florida’s economy.