It was a good year in Tallahassee 

Potential to make significant changes for school contractor personnel badging

Gov. Rick Scott signs HB 21 into law at ABC State Convention

Gov. Rick Scott thanks ABC State Chairman Carlos Ardavin Jr. for ABCs work on passing HB 85 Public Private Partnerships

Tallahassee Reports

Greats News From Employer-Sponsored Benefits Task Force Study

The Task Force on Local Mandatory Sick Leave Ordinances has been released and with a recommendation is the state government should preempt local governments from setting minimum mandatory employer-sponsored benefits. In addition, the state not set minimum mandatory standards.  Click here to read the study.   


2013 Bills that Passed:

ABC's Public Private Partnership Legislation (HB 85)
Chapter: 2013-223
Effective Date: July 1, 2013

This was ABC's top legislative priority for the last two years.  The true goal of this bill is to help get our members back to work. While public private partnerships are currently allowed under law, very few public entities have utilized them.  This legislation creates a general framework that can be utilized by public entities unfamiliar with the process to get those much needed public construction projects off the shelf.  This effort by ABC will be a job starter for the industry.  The Governor held a public ceremonial signing with ABC in Miami on July 19, 2013.

ABC's Workplace Security Act (HB 21)
Chapter: 2013-73
Effective Date: July 1, 2013

ABC has run this bill for almost five years now.  The goal of the bill is to streamline the security clearance process for all non-instructional employees who do work on school grounds.  Prior to this bill's passage, an employee would have to obtain the clearance in 67 different counties.  Now, because of this new law, an employee can obtain one, statewide badge, at one statewide cost and utilize the badge throughout the state. ABC is working with the Department of Education on the enforcement of this new process.  While the law becomes effective on July 1st, we will not know if there are any issues with the implementation of the new process unless we hear from you.  If you have any issues or headaches with the school district security clearance process please notify your local ABC chapter.  ABC's efforts here will result in a tremendous cost savings to the industry.

Statewide Preemption of Paid Leave for Employees (HB 655)
Chapter 2013-200
Effective Date: July 1, 2013

This legislation was the result of a statewide business coalition effort to stop individual local ordinances in Florida from mandating certain levels of paid leave above and beyond what is already required by law and offered by most employers. This legislation leaves issues like mandatory pay scales and benefits to the federal and state governments to dictate and for employers to meet through their policies.

Getting Involved in ABC's Legislative Process

As "The Voice of Commercial Construction" ABC is dedicated to sponsoring and supporting legislative initiatives that support our members and improve the industry.  We can always use more support of our members.  If you are interested, please contact your local chapter to find out how you can be further involved in our legislative efforts.    

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